American Made History, Police & Military Books

Like many products sold in this country, books are often produced abroad, then sold here because it allows the producers to make the most money. While this approach is profitable, it is not patriotic nor is it loyal to American workers and American suppliers to the industries.

If you want to make sure that you buy books made in the USA and that you support this country with American made self-defense videos, take a look at the items on these pages. You will find such American made books as Anniversary Book-Wife, Friend, Lover, which is sold here at a 40% discount off of what you would pay elsewhere. You will also find several publications from Terra Sancta Press out of Florida. These include Without Keys, My 15 Weeks With the Street People and What Made Us Who We Are Today-World War II Oral History.

Also available through this website are several American made self-defense videos. Ron Balicki, an accomplished American martial artists, produced several DVDs on various lesser-known martial arts, such as Jeet Kune Do which was developed by Bruce Lee, Filipino Boxing, and the Fighting Sarong. You can buy these difficult-to-find DVDs through this website. You can also purchase a book on the art of cutlery throwing and a set of DVDs on edged weapons training.

When you purchase books made in the USA or other American made products, your money makes a difference. First, it supports a company that pays US taxes. Second, it supports American workers who are necessary to manufacture the product. Third, it signals to those companies that there is a demand for American made books and American made self-defense videos, which encourages the companies to invest more in the US. Finally, it prevents your money from going abroad, which maintains Americas balance of payments.

Buy American every chance you get because it makes a difference.