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By local author, Don C. East

The first book about the Creek Indian Hillabee towns of Clay County, Al. This New book covers: The Creek Nation, The Hillabee Creeks, the Indian removals, and the transition from Indian to early white pioneer settlements in southern Clay County, Alabama.

• Packed with historical detail.
• A detailed view of the Creek Nation of the 18th and 19th centuries.
• Little known facts about the Creek Indian Wars of 1813-14 and 1836.
• A glossary of Creek Indian words used in the text and their proper translations.
• Details of the early pioneer white settlements in southern Clay County.
• Provides many facts about early Indian trails and trading posts in the area
• Contains anecdotes dealing with aspects of life in Clay County that have Creek Indian origins.
• Provides information on the Creek Indian language, social customs, leaders, methods of hunting, fishing, and living off the land.

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