Ruth Greenwald

Hi USAB2C, Just had to tell you that the upgraded towels arrived today and they are lovely. Thank you again for the great customer service and I’m sure I will be back for more. Thank you! Ruth Greenwald

Ruth Greenwald
Eldon Alexander

I searched hard for American made products. I was glad to have discovered you guys and I really appreciate what you’re doing. Keep up the good work.

Eldon Alexander
Larry Prevatte, January 27, 2022

Received, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for making an awesome product that fits and functions as it should. And, thank you for making it right here in AMERICA!!!

Larry Prevatte
Joseph McKean, July 26, 2021

Order received and in good shape. Highly satisfied with both product and the great service. Thanks, Joseph McKean

Joseph McKean
April 20, 2021

Hi. Love your site! Thanks for providing us a forum to find and shop for American made products! Wanted to share that RAYOVAC batteries have been proudly made in the U.S.A. since 1906, innovating with Midwestern values at their core. Their plant in Fennimore, Wisconsin, produces around a billion batteries every year. I am sure your customers would want to support them, as well. Thanks!

October 24, 2020

Your standard and metric sets of Wright Tool, deep impact sockets arrived today. Manufactured in Barberton, Ohio, they are extremely well made. Love their motto too: "Do What's Wright. Very pleased........... Thanks, John Anayannis

Paula & Gary Ergen, May 2, 2020

I am very pleased with your site and am spreading the good word! Excited to get my windmill !! Have a great day !

Paula & Gary Ergen
Bernhard Mummert, November 21, 2019

Just want to say 'Thank you'. Attached you see a picture of the ready polo shirt with the embroidery of the Knights of Columbus emblem. Every member of the Honor Guard looks really nice. Was good dealing with you.

Bernhard Mummert, Pres., Sunshine Tours
Morey Smith, March 31, 2019

I must comment to you about my 8ft windmill I recently received from you about the quality and appearance. After searching the internet with many choices to choose from, I purchased from your site. The fact being American made and the materials used, I am more than satisfied with the product. The windmill assembled easily and fit together perfectly , such quality not found very often now days.
Thanks again.

Morey Smith
Victoria Mancini, September 11, 2018

God bless you! It's really appreciated! I love to be able to purchase items made in the USA and support USAB2C. Thanks again.

Victoria Mancini
William Hedges, December 4, 2017

I just wanted to let you know I received my order from Fashion Gloves today.  These are the finest gloves I've ever owned and would definitely purchase from them again.  I would recommend them to anyone looking for fine USA-made gloves ! Thank you for your fine service.

William Hedges
Marcella, October 2, 2017

Thanks for your quick response.  BTW - my mother loves the neck roll.  You know the phrase "if Mama's happy, everybody's happy."  :-)

Sophia King, December 29, 2016

Our mailman left us a note and wrote "LOVE your mailbox"!

Sophia King
Anna Rogers-Yoder, September 8, 2016

I received the No-Mess nail clippers and Love Them.

Anna Rogers-Yoder
Julie Hamm, July 12, 2016

Good morning, we received these yesterday. They are great. I look forward to ordering more USA made items from you in the future.

Julie Hamm
September 28, 2015

Just to let you know, I received the repaired sunglasses today. Thanks a lot. Your help is very much appreciated. God bless.

Sep 16, 2015

Hello USAB2C, We would like to say thank you for the replacement cord. Got to use it this morning, worked great.

Joann Harrah, June 30, 2015

Thank you. I received the sunglasses and they're fantastic!

Joann Harrah
Joan, March 31, 2015

My niece and nephew got the bunny yesterday. Fast shipping and they loved it. Of course so do their dogs. Thrilled that it was American made. That's all.

Ms. Wegenast, December 16, 2014

Hello! I received the dolls today and am so excited. I think you have the last remaining Adorable Kinders dolls for sale.
Thank you!

Ms. Wegenast
Al Braun, June 5, 2014

[Regarding an unfinished, Traditional 52 inch Settee they received:] Hi, Just what I wanted-excellent quality and it required a minimum of sanding.

Al Braun
Ms Brown, 5 August, 2012

Dear usab2c,
I received the towels and like them I hope to order more for you. Thanks for the American made. I've told other family and friends that we can have some small part in trying to keep Americans working. We all have families to take care of and we can help each other.

Ms Brown
Bev, 26, July 2012

Dear usab2c,
I LOVE my towels! Bravo to you all for making high quality lovely USA beach towels.

Jenifer Christensen, 11 July, 2012

Dear usab2c,
Yay! Thank you. Great customer service by the way. Appreciate it.

Jenifer Christensen
B Mazza, 12 June, 2012

Dear usab2c;
Thanks again. Even though I am a small shop guy and do not offset the economy much, I will remember the service you provided me and will recommend your company to any of my friends who have similar needs. It is appreciated.

B Mazza
Peggy J Graham, 14 June, 2012

Dear usab2c;
Just wanted you to know I LOVE the sheets, towels and the zippo lighter I recently purchased from you. Congratulations on a fabulous site and I have recommended you to everyone on my contact list. USA USA USA. Regards to all...

Peggy J Graham
P.A. Sugano, 20 December, 2011

Dear usab2c;
I received my Order an hour ago today 20 December, 2011 via UPS Ground. The Baby Overalls are positively adorable. Thanks so much,

P.A. Sugano
Paul Dustin, 13 January, 2012

Dear usab2c;
Hi Please tell Footskins these are the best shoe I have ever put on my foot and I will buy from them from here on.
Thank you.

Paul Dustin
Wanda Mulinski , July 10, 2011

Just want to say "Thank you!" for the USA made patriotic windsock that is flying in our backyard! My husband & I are especially happy that we have a good quality windsock and we're helping a "Made in USA" business. We've been flying windsocks for over 20 years and can appreciate their decorative and useful value.

Wanda Mulinski
Tye Moris, May 9, 2011

Thanks for sending the very nice windsock! I really love it and I really appreciate the fact that there are still some things made in the U.S.A. I have sent your site on to my friends and I have added it to my favorites. I will order from you again!

Tye Moris, Seattle, Washington
Michael Randolph , March 14, 2011

I received the sweater today and I am very pleased with the merchandise. Its actually nicer than what I had expected. The quality is great! Thank you so much for staying in touch with me, and tracking the order. It was defiantly worth the wait. I am really proud to have an American made sweater! I know I will be purchasing from USAB2C again in the near future. Thanks again and best regards.

Michael Randolph
Carmen Lloyd, January 25, 2011

Thanks to your marvellous help I received my beautiful bedspread today. The quality is superb. I love it. It is so great to be able to purchase such beautiful American products. I have seen a few other things on your website that I am really interested in.

Carmen Lloyd, Australia
Ryo Okura, January 8, 2011

I have duly received the blankets. Thank you very much for your superb services. With my best regards to you.

Ryo Okura, JAPAN
Clifford Gunter, December 21, 2010

Thanks USAB2C, it actually arived today. The finish and quality of the coat that I ordered for my daughter is superb! She will not only love it, but it will last her for years. Thanks again for your help. Merry Christmas

Clifford Gunter
Elaine Bedore, December 6, 2010

Hello, I wanted to let you know that the parka arrived this morning and it was well worth the wait! Excellent workmanship, the fabric is very soft and light weight, yet feels like it will withstand our frigid winters here in Michigan.

Elaine Bedore
Jim Fellon, July 27, 2010

AB2C Customer Service, Hello. My Footskin shoes came today and they are great. I'm glad to find another company that deals with American-made products. I will be ordering from your company again in the near future. Thank you for all your help

Jim Fellon
Mr. Shefield, June 28, 2010

AB2C Customer Service, Thank you for the prompt reply. I believe that customer service is a significant reflection on the company and is very important to me. I will keep USAB2C as a resource for future purchases.

Mr. Shefield
CW2 Eric Thomas, 18 May 2010

Thanks so much! I'm sure she will enjoy them. I look forward to doing more business with you.
God Bless America!

CW2 Eric Thomas, IRAQ
James Kreier, 10 March 2010

I can not tell you how delighted I am with the quality of these Dibble Bars. If the rest of your products are this good, I'm going to be buy more stuff from you guy's - this is great.

James Kreier, Wisconsin
Jeanine Crawford, 8 December 2009

USAB2C, USAB2C, You Rock! Thank you so much from the St Pierre Family ; } God Bless.

Jeanine Crawford, California
Henry Henderson, 08 October 2009

Hello USAB2C,
Received my order yesterday 10/08/09. Gloves are great. Good to buy Made IN USA. Will order more.

Henry Henderson, Texas
Luke Vella, 7 May 2010

I recently had been trying to buy a Go-Wagon and upgrade my 09 ESR 750 EX to a Hoverboard (front and rear C.I.D.L.I. Suspension) and had a lot of trouble trying to get all these parts in Australia. I visited the Australian Go-Ped supplier (Extreme Toys) shop in person and left my requests for parts needed, I also sent emails to them with the parts but never heard back from them for weeks. I did not realise that the company was relocating until I got the emailed reply 2 weeks later. I also emailed Go-Ped USA and Australia through the websites requesting the parts and got no reply the first time. I started emailing US resellers and a lot quoted me insane postage charges to Australia ($200 - $400US) for wagon and parts. Finally I came across a company called, a great customer service rep there who shopped around for postage on my behalf and got hold of all parts (except frame) provided excellent customer service and I got my delivery 1 week after payment. She even got the web team to add parts and shipping costs to the website after sourcing them so that I could make payments securely via the website using my credit card. I could not recommend this company enough when it comes to customer service!

Luke Vella, Beaconsfield, Australia
Maureen Albert, November 18, 2010

After purchasing a bedspread from another place (after opening it I found it was made in China), and finding is inferior quality, to say the least, I came across your site, ordered a bedspread from Maine Heritage Weavers and am delighted! I received it yesterday and today it is on my bed. It is a much higher quality than the one I previously purchased from another vendor. Thank you. I will definately shop here again.

Maureen Albert