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Every job has its necessities, and there are times when proper attire gets the job done right. Construction can be an especially dangerous working area, so proper safety precautions must be taken to ensure the safety of a foreman and his crew. Here at America’s Business to Consumers, we want to make sure that our workforce is outfitted with nothing but the very best and safest American made work clothes being produced here in the United States.

On, we work solely with distributors who manufacture and operate out of the United States, and carry nothing but American made work pants, overalls, construction pants, overalls, constructions shorts, protective footwear, bibs, and chemical resistant clothing. We even offer waterproof and windproof socks manufactured and distributed straight from California.

Over the years consumers have become more and more aware of the fact that imported products are being produced at such a velocity, that harmful and potentially deadly chemical agents are being used to make such simple items as clothing.

At America’s Business to Consumers, we feel such drastic are unnecessary and should be avoided at all costs, which is why we offer only American made work clothes that were designed, cut, stitched, packaged, and delivered here in the United States. This not only ensures the safety of our consumers, but it also helps to support our local businesses and, in the end, your local daily worker trying to earn an honest living day in and day out. We have made this platform available to help consumers make better decisions about their spending, whether it be American made work pants, high density knee pads, specialized steel-toed boots to handle hazmat spills, or American made waterproof gloves to fend off frostbite, we want our workforce to be able to attend to their jobs knowing the gear they rely on will protect them when they need it to work its best.

Browse through the website for American made work clothes, American made work pants, and any and all other items we proudly offer from our wide ranging selection. We are confident that your purchase will be well worth the time and effort, both on your behalf and those of others working on a common and shared soil.