Temperatures across the United States have already plunged and a lot of us were unprepared. Many of us are accustomed to the seasonal changes as they dually come year by year, and yet it seems to always come as a shock once that first drastic drop turns the air from cool to crisp. America’s Business to Consumers carries a long line of products, including apparel designed for the brisk elements, and we proudly offer nothing but coldweather clothes made in the USA.

It has become clear that many of our imported products are made with lethal toxins and chemical agents that are harmful and, potentially deadly. We therefore offer only American made coldweather clothes that will not only keep you warm and safe but, in the long-term, healthy as well. We carry a long line of different products so you can get out without missing the action.

Take, for instance, our selection from WSI Sports, who handcraft each and every item, designing, cutting, and sewing each garment from their factory in Eagan, Minnesota to perfection. We proudly offer superior coldweather clothes made in the USA from WSI Sports, like the WikMax HEATR® Vent shirt, a piece designed to withstand temperatures ranging from 60° degrees all the way down to -10°. There is also the HEATR® Windstop Hood that is wind, water, and snow resistant. The hood is made of 50% Polyester, 25% Polyolefin, and 25% HEATR®, a fabric that generates heat as it wicks moisture off and away from the skin.

For extreme cold conditions, USAB2C.com carries PolarWear, and their one piece / full body Coverall can withstand comfort rated temperatures all the way down to -55°F. PolarWear is also a proud American made coldweather clothes manufacturer. Items likely combined with products from WSI Sports and PolarWear include weatherproof socks, an assortment of beanies, parkas, overshoes, boots, pants, face masks, and more. No matter the conditions, you can find the American made cold weather clothes you need to brave the elements comfortably and enjoy the outdoors comfortably at USAB2C.com.