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Milwaukee Workshop Vise - American Made!

The ultimate workshop vise.

Made of 30,000 PSI grey iron castings machined to exact tolerances.

The handle and screw are cold rolled steel accurately machined to provide close fit with a cast iron nut that ensures long life.

The face jaws and pipe jaws are high carbon steel, heat treated for durability. All vises have a 180 deg. swivel base with a dead locking device.

  • Available in 5" or 4" Wde Jaws

  • Maximum Opening: 5" for 5" Jaw or 4" for 4" Jaw
  • Pipe Capacity: 2" for 5" Jaw or 1 1/2" for 4" Jaw.
  • Weight: 35 lbs for 5" Jaw or 20 lbs for 4" Jaw.