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Tuff Guard - American Made Garden Hose by Echelon Supply

Tuff Guard truly is the Perfect Garden Hose. The unique polypropylene double helix construction makes this the most flexible and only unkinkable garden hose. Another benefit of this construction makes it crush proof.

The lightweight characteristics are achieved by constructing the hose from thermoplastic elastomers, making it 35% - 50% lighter than conventional garden hoses with superior durability and abrasion resistance.

No more frustration reeling and unreeling because this hose has no memory and straightens itself with no effort. With the internally expanded full flow heavy duty brass couplings you get a flow rate comparable to a 3/4" garden hose out of a 5/8” garden hose.

Unlike all other garden hose, the heavy duty brass ferrules thread onto the outer helix to anchor the couplings making end pull offs and leaks virtually impossible.

All these features make this the ideal hose for residential and industrial users. Tuff Guard is equally suited for washing your car, boat, RV snowmobile, house or garden watering as it is for wash down use in industrial plants, rock quarries, cement trucks, landscaping, and horse barns.

• Kink Free - Helix wrap provides crush, kink, and abrasion protection
• Maximum Flow - Precision full flow brass fittings are crush resistant and wrench-friendly
• Professional Grade - Unique extruded 3-layer design woven fiber core for strength
• Easy Handling - Maintains flexibility in extreme temperatures and coils easily
• 35% Lighter than conventional hoses

Tube: Clear TPE
Reinforcement: Polypropylene 2 Helix Design, Color 2 ply spiral polyester fiber
Cover: TPE with color
Temperature: -20F to +158F
Packaging: Coils, coupled with heavy duty male and female garden hose fittings.
Weight/ft (lbs): 0.130 lbs max
Colors: 25 feet – Blue; 50 feet - Blue, Red, Beige, Green, Grey, Pink; 100 feet – Blue

Hose Performance Limitations: Working pressure: 100 psi @ 70 F Burst pressure: > 300 psi @ 70 F Vacuum: 29” Hg