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This new game is the first patented "Expandable Game Board" concept. The game board expands to the size needed depending on the number of players, eliminating wasted time traveling over unoccupied territory. Some of the uniqueness of P.O.W. are:

  • The ability for players to enter or leave the game at any time.
  • Players joining an existing game have a very good chance of winning.

    Object of the Game:

    To be the first player to move all four (4) of your colored troops around the Playable Game Board from your Camp to your own color Headquarters.

    Winning the Game:

    There are two ways to win:
    Be the first Player to move all four Troops from Camp to Headquarters.
    Prison BlitzCapture all other Troops on the game board or fill all nine spaces in your Prison with enemy Troops, which ever comes first. If another game is played, the person to the left of the winner goes first.

    American Made in USA!