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Maine Scare Cat - American Made!

Add a touch of whimsey to your home or garden with these silent, and effective, guardians. Each can be shown in a variety of ways to the delight of family and friends. Wood base and rod are included to display on the ground. As well these guards have holes at the bottom to attach to a rail fence of building or even hung from a tree. No matter how they are displayed, they will stand as deterrents to many of the pests who share a keen interest in your garden. Of black coated quality steel, these handsome creatures are weather resistant, and equally at home indoors. American Made in USA.

Handcrafted life-size Maine Scare Cat will stand guard over your gardens and berry patches. Pigeons, squirrels and other garden raiders will shy away when they see them keeping watch. Mount on a tree, stick in the ground or nail to a fence! Wood Base and rod included. Approx. 22" W x 9 1/2" H