Code: american_made_super_mutt_pro_edition_9008-DLEXT
Price: $2,308.75
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Quickly troubleshoot lighting, air brake and ABS systems with the industry's leading trailer tester. This intuitive, durable design is ideal for both on and off-site commercial trailer testing and repairs.

This system is the one used by most professional service companies and nationwide fleets today. In addition to Lights and Air Brakes, the Super MUTT can be used to access ABS Blink Codes. Ideal for in the shop, field or storing in a service truck.

The 12 Button Remote provides every function at a range greater than 200 ft. Includes 3 remote controls, 5 ft. 7 way cable, chassis ground cable, external battery connector, 8 ft. glad hands, 3A battery charger, face shield, and rain cover.


  • Performs leak down test on service and emergency lines
  • Observe slacker adjustment in real time
  • Activates air brakes by remote control

  • Pulsar® mode, cross, open, overloaded and shorted circuit indication
  • Amperage readout; audible and visible alerts
  • 7 way cable testing
  • Access ABS blink codes
  • Activates lights by remote control

  • One-man testing
  • Real-time servo on/off engagement
  • Programs multiple remotes; 100 ft. range

    Included Items:
  • 3 remote controls
  • 5 ft. 7 way cable
  • Chassis ground cable
  • External battery connector
  • 8 ft. glad hands
  • 3A battery charger
  • Face shield
  • Rain cover

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