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This handcrafted set of ceramic dinnerware is 100% lead free and non-toxic!

Made here in Virginia for your child, the baby mug, baby dish and baby plate combo is plastic-free choice for a healthy child.

Mug: 3 inches High x 2 1/2 inches Wide, 4 fl. oz.
Bowl: 5 1/2 inches Wide, 8 oz.
Plate: 7 inches wide Dinner Plate.

For decades, manufacturers have marketed plastic baby tableware to parents, little suspecting that this could be hazardous to children's health. Recent scares with imported children's products have only added to parents' concerns about the safety of their kids' tableware.

Stoneware Pottery Care: Drastic temp. changes (from the refrigerator to the hot oven) may cause cracking. Room temp. to cool oven is best. Allow pottery to cool before placing in refrigerator or dishwasher. Do not broil or place on a stovetop burner. Do not store in freezer. Pottery can scratch furniture & cause water stains if placed directly on furniture surface. Use cork tabs or felt on the base of the pottery and or a trivet or tablecloth to protect furniture. Do not leave pottery outdoors in winter temp. fluctuations can crack pottery. Low quality cutlery can mark pottery; remove marks with a kitchen abrasive, like Bar Keepers Friend. High quality steel cutlery will not mark the pottery. Handcrafted pottery has slight variations in size, color and design, characteristics to be expected and treasured in handcrafted art. And yes, pottery will break if dropped!