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American Made Snowmover!

The SnowMover is the perfect companion to the best-selling IceDozer. The SnowMover is the world's first personal snow plow, designed to remove deep snow from on and around your vehicle. This multi-tool combines a plow, ice scraper and shovel - along with a special snow broom. The SnowmoverTM is ergonomically designed to work with the bodys natural motion.

The design includes a contoured saw-grip handle, which makes for easy maneuvering when clearing snow from the roof of the vehicle. The SnowmoverTM is the first snow plow with whiskers. These dense rubber bristles, located under the forward lip of the plow, can be used to whisk away any snow debris from the surface of the vehicle, including the window glass. The bristles ride over any protuberances (such as a roof rack) to prevent a jarring stop when plowing through deep snow and will not damage the paint or surface finish of your vehicle.

The SnowMover is made with pride in the USA. We could make the SnowmoverTM cheaper if we built it overseas, but we couldnt make it better. By manufacturing within the U.S. we also reduce greenhouse gas emissions through eliminating the need for transporting products from overseas. This premium product is backed by a Lifetime Guarantee. If the SnowMover breaks for any reason - ever - we'll replace it free of charge, no questions asked.

  • Ergonomically designed - extends to 42" reach to clear snow from roof of the vehicle.
  • Personal Snow Plow
  • Combines a bi-directional plow, ice scraper, shovel and snow broom.
  • Rubber bristles prevent damage to the vehicle.
  • Turn on windshield defroster 3 or 4 minutes and then clear ice effectively and rapidly
  • Made in the USA and backed by a Lifetime Warranty.
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