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Cookware Set - American Made!

Four piece Earth Day Cookware Set by Lloyds!

  • The Right Features for your Kitchen!
  • Eco-friendly Manufacturing

    Set Includes:
  • 10 Inch FRY PAN SKILLET,
  • Lightweight, high-performance chef's skillet,
  • Curved sidewalls for easy access to turning food,
  • Exclusive "Cool-Grip" Handle,
  • Metal Spatula is recommended!
  • Hard Anodized, Made From .080 Aluminum,
  • Exceptional Durability,
  • PTFE Free, Water-Based Release Coating: Dura-Kote,
  • Fast Cooking, Easy Clean Up,
  • Heat Safe to 700 Deg's (F),

  • Versatile size for small and medium volumes,
  • 8 inches wide x 4.4 inches deep sauce-3qt-lid,
  • Rounded bottom edge for efficient stirring,
  • Cool Grip Handle never gets hot,
  • Hard Anodized Aluminum,
  • Exceptional Durability,
  • PTFE Free, Water-Based Release Coating: Dura-Kote,
  • Fast Cooking, Easy Clean Up
  • Heat Safe to 700 Deg's (F),

    Perforated insert w/ nibs (feet) to fit inside a Lloyd 9 inch x 13 inch Quarter-Sheet pan. Keeps foods from sitting in unwanted grease and oils...promotes a crispy baked product.

  • Stick-Resistant Coating...easy Cleaning,
  • Hard Anodized medium-gauge Aluminum,
  • Metal Utensil Safe,

    The unique, leading-edge design, finish, and durability were created by LLoyd's in-house engineers and built by a trained team of American workers.
  • No PTFE, No PFOA, No Toxins,
  • Oven & Broiler Safe to 700° (F),
  • Balanced Ergonomic Lightweight Feel,
  • Exclusive Cool Grip Handles, Oven safe,
  • Metal Spatula is recommended on Fry Pans and Sautee Pans!

    Two very important things to be successful with your new pans.
    1. Hand wash only. Never wash pans in the dishwasher. Avoid the caustic chemicals present in dishwasher detergent that will damage the surface of pans and void the Warranty.
    2. Turn your heat down. LloydPans cookware with Dura-Kote® cook hotter and faster than other pans and you must use a 50% lower setting to avoid burning and sticking. Experiment!

    After Use
    Keep the surface clean and free from any food buildup...easy release relies on a very smooth surface. With care, LloydPans Cookware will easily serve you for years. Please refer to Lloyd's Care & Use brochure and the section on cleaning to maximize the life of your pans.


    LloydPans warrants all products against defects in material or workmanship from the date of purchase for a period of 1 year. Lloyd will repair or replace defective products, but will not be responsible for any consequential damages including any claim of lost profits.

    Metal utensil safe means that metal whisks, spatulas, and other non-sharp metal utensils may be used without damage. In fact, Lloyd recommends a metal spatula when using our fry pan and saute pans. Do not use sharp instruments or appliances such as electric mixers to cut or chop against the pan as this may damage the coating and will not be covered under this warranty. Immersion blenders can be used with bottom safety guards.

    Food sticking to the pan is not covered by the Warranty. Review our cooking instructions and use a metal spatula for best use.

    California Residents: stainless steel contains some amount of Nickel (Metallic).
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