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Price: $231.75
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American Made Decorative Aluminum Windmill Made by Windgards. 6 foor Tall.

Manufactured by Wingards Sales, LLC. A high-quality, top of the line, ornamental, good-looking windmill! Structure is all ALUMINUM and STAINLESS STEEL bolts and nuts. NO RUST = NO PAINTING EVER!!
Windmills come with decal tape on the fan blade tips and tail fin, in 2 colors RED (or) GREEN w/YELLOW PIN STRIPES.
Each windmill comes with anchors to secure it to the ground.

Windmill base is 22 inches. Fan wheel is 20 inches with ball bearings, a grease zerk and a hub protector.
Windmill ships in two packages via UPS directly from the manufacturer in 2 to 4 days after your order is processed.

Package sizes
Box 1: 2 inches x 2 inches x 59 inches. Weight of box is 7 lbs.
Box 2: 21 inches x 22 inches x 3 inches. Weight of box is 7 lbs.

American Made in USA!

Windmills ship by UPS.

Anchors are included in the box (just bury them in the ground about 12 inches).

Tools needed: two open-end wrenches & a Philips Head screwdriver.