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True Faith and Allegiance Book - American Author!

Signed inscription inside cover by author.

Paperback, Softcover 283 pages, packed with photos.

Strap in the cockpit of a carrier-based Phantom jet, catapult into a black-assed night and catch an arresting wire on a gyrating flight deck; experience the sadness and carnage of the Forrestal Fire, peek into the inner-sanctums at the highest levels of the Pentagon, ride the captain’s chair of a super carrier and relive the foibles of a destroyer ensign on a learning fast-track.

Description: Pete Booth captures three decades of Cold War service from Destroyer Bridge in the Pacific - Navy Carrier based fighter pilot - Pentagon flashbacks - Carrier Command - Forrestal fire - Nuclear blackout - Soviet subs - Thousands of real sailors and naval aviators - Families left behind - Vietnam - Sea stories galore - Inspirational leadership times several hundred.

Written in an easy, non-tutorial and little known entertaining facts of naval history, these journals capture the spirit and intensity of the most perilous and dangerous years in the history of our country from the mid-fifties to the mid-eighties.