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SharpDraw 9mm Carpenter Pencil Made in USA! Set of 10

Introducing the all new SharpDraw 9mm Carpenter Pencil. This new tool is a hybrid in design and functionality. We have taken the common 9mm utility tool and transformed it into the most accurate and efficient carpenter pencil ever produced. It's a pencil, not a razor that never needs to be sharpened.

It has the same sort of click mechanism used to advance snap-off blades on some box cutters. Instead of a blade, though, it has a flat #2 HB carbon-fiber lead that is sharpened each time the tip gets drawn along a straightedge.

  • The blade is made from real wood for that wood feel and comfort!

  • The metal track is nickel plated stainless steel and the slider button features an automatic lock in place design.

  • The pocket clip is rugged spring steel.

  • The graphitge pencil-blade is reinforced carbon fibers

  • American Made in USA!

  • Set of 10 included.
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