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UNISEX Professional Wrist & Ankle Cuff Weights - American Made!

The most durable, highest quality wrist and ankle cuff weights in the business.

  • Elgin cuff weights are designed for clinical applications like physical therapy, athletic training and fitness.
  • Our extra-long Velcro straps (10"-14"L) make it possible for layering cuffs on cuffs for a true progressive resistance exercise program, plus for added security.
  • Comfortable, non-absorbing Naugahyde material is chosen for its easy-to-clean and body-conforming characteristics.
  • Featuring hand-crafted, double-sewn, leak-free outer seams.
  • Flimsy imported alternatives sag when hung on racks. Not Elgin; each cuff is reinforced where the strap meets the cuff. The grommet is stamped right through the strap and Naugahyde material for hard-wearing applications.
  • Filled with the purest lead-free steel shot.
  • 1-5 lbs. feature 1 grommet
  • 6-10 lbs. feature 2 grommets.
  • 12-25 lb. do not have grommets for hanging, but are still reinforced where the strap meets the cuff.

    Sold Each Cuff.
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