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DataVac Pro Series - American Made!

Product Description

Dirt is inevitable. As we use computers more regularly and for longer periods of time, there's a tendency to snack. Crumbs settle on your keyboard and between the keys themselves.  DataVac easily keeps your computer clean from dust and other surface particles.  Easy; Reusable, Practical and Economical.

Use with notebooks and a blower for removing dust from portable electronic equipment including camera lenses and digital media players. 

Technical Details

    • Includes a 19" flexible hose to reach every nook & cranny; Crevice Tool; Air "Pin Pointer"; Dust Brush; Shoulder Strap; 4 Piece Micro Cleaning Tool kit; 5 extra disposable paper bags
    • Sturdy all Steel Construction
    • Rugged 1/2 HP vacuum / blower power unit removes dust and other surface dirt effectively and easily / 28 Cubic Feet per minute propulsion
    • 1 Speed
    • 1.73 Amps
    • Size: 16" x 4" x 4"
    • Wt. 5.5 Lbs