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  • Snap-fit cover - makes cleaning easy
  • Nectar recipe engraved on the cap - consumer friendly product
  • UV stabalized impact resistant plastic - sturdy and smart looking
  • Nectar Guard� Tips - block bees and flying insects from getting to nectar
  • Tinted red color provides a natural attraction for hummingbirds
  • Removable feeding port flowers - make cleaning a snap
  • 3 inch Perfect Little Brush - perfect for cleaning hummer ports
  • Low profile - offers unobstructed view
  • Leak-proof design is a Droll Yankees Guarantee
  • 8 feeding ports attract a profusion of hummers 32oz capacity
  • Brass rod is beautiful and dependably durable
  • Circular perch ring provides hummers with a resting place
  • Easy-fill cover
  • American Made in USA


    Droll Yankees will replace any defective parts, free of charge, for as long as you own your Droll Yankees feeder. If your feeder is badly damaged by squirrels, to the extent that the effectiveness of the feeder is compromised, Droll Yankees will, at its option, either repair, replace, or send replacement parts, free of charge. This warranty does not extend to damage through neglect, accident or misuse.

    Droll Yankees is recognized by birding authorities as the makers of the World's Best Bird Feeders.

    Hummingbird Food (nectar) Recipe
    1 part sugar (ie. 1/4 cup)
    4 parts water (ie. 1 cup)
    Bring water to a boil
    Pour in sugar and stir until completely dissolved

    Let cool before putting in your hummingbird feeder Refrigerate left over hummingbird food for up to 2 weeks

    Never use Honey to make Hummingbird Nectar -- (it will rot and mold very quickly and possibly poison and kill your humminbirds)
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