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Children's Teepee Boots, DEERTAN - American Made!

Now offering for a limited time, deerskin Colored Fringe Teepee Boots in colors (left to right) of Red, Royal Blue, Magenta, Hunter Green, Purple and Turquoise. American Made in USA

Children love these Teepee Boots because they are comfortable and fun to wear! In Creme or Saddle DEERTAN leather, our exclusive pull-on pattern has leather-covered Poron cushion insoles and cowhide suede soles. With no left foot or right foot, they are easy for children to put on.

We suggest buying these one size larger to allow for growth of young feet. Designed with elastic in the construction, they really stay on children's feet.

Quality construction using the finest DEERSKIN with thick COWHIDE suede for the soles. They also have our cushion insoles. (Even oversized, they really stay on children's feet because of elastic in the construction.)