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30 foot tall Pond Aeration Windmill - American Made by Wingards!

Effective and affordable way of keeping your pond looking and smelling beautiful! Beautiful and durable Aeration Windmills are perfect for helping keep the water fresh and clean without harsh and harmful chemicals! By using the natural wind, your pond can stay healthy year round. Windmills are made of durable ALUMINUM and STAINLESS STEEL bolts allowing your investment to provide quality service for years to come!

Quality aluminum structure with stainless steel bolts and nuts, assuring that your windmill will be durable and rust free for years to come! Windmill fans feature grease inserts and bearings allowing windmill to operate smoothly and efficiently.

Windmill Specifications:
Aluminum Structure - stainless steel nuts and bolts.
60 inch fan size - stainless steel shaft. Anchors included - cement as needed.
Windmills come with decal tape on the fan blade tips and tail fin, in 2 colors RED or GREEN w/ YELLOW PIN STRIPES.
Capacity - (approx.) 3 cu. ft / min. @ 15 mph
1 Diffuser
100 ft. polyethelene 1/2 inch air line and a diffuser.
Start-up (approx.) - 3 mph wind
Automatic slow-down in high wind
Direct Drive Compressor - heavy duty air bag
Stroke - 1.25 inch
Very low manintenance and long lasting

American Made in USA!

4 ft. to 12 ft. windmills ship by UPS.

18 ft. thru 30 ft. windmills ship by common freight.  Due to packages size and weight, Truck Delivery by common freight required.  

eMail Customer Service with Zip Code and Town for an estimate freight Shipping Cost estimate.

Package sizes:
Box 1: 166 inches x 7 inches x 3 inches. Weight 100 lbs.
Box 2: 65 inches x 64 inches x 9 inches. Weight 130 lbs.
Box 3: 22 inches x 12 inches x 34 inches. Weight 70 lbs.