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This Beacon Lighthouse Bell is Made in America!

Close your eyes and place yourself on a dock, whether it be on a lake, river or on a beloved ocean cove. Listen for the halyards hitting the masts, the floating bell buoy and a ship's bell alerting its arrival into the harbor. These bells emulate the guardian lighthouses whose structures, often built of stone or wood, weather the calms and storms Mother Nature sends, and harbor the spirit of safety to the many types of seafaring souls.

The smallest of the three sided 'stone' appearance lighthouse, this is a light and lilty sound with the door side offering a different tone! Each bell is single toned, though the door echoes a varied sound of resonance. 10 inches in length. American Made in USA.

Every North Country Wind Bell® is shaped from a quality steel which is over 60% recycled! All steel is a "living finish" and will patina over time, but will play for many years to come. All of North Country's bells are now powder coated with a durable outdoor weathering finish. These characteristics make it ideal for North Country Wind Bells®, which are designed to hang outdoors year-round, and will not twist, tangle or break. Comes with one Windcatcher of your choice. You must select one windcatcher silhouette below before adding to cart.

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