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American Made Sea Gong Bell Made by North Country Bells!

Every North Country Wind Bell® is shaped from a quality steel which is over 60% recycled! All steel is a "living finish" and will patina over time, but will play for many years to come. All of North Country's bells are now powder coated with a durable outdoor weathering finish. These characteristics make it ideal for North Country Wind Bells®, which are designed to hang outdoors year-round, and will not twist, tangle or break. American Made in USA. Comes with one Windcatcher of your choice.

Three deep tones echo the love and spirit of any sailor's heart. This bell commands a large landscape to reverberate it' gongs. It's "spirit" is not for the 'light of heart', but for those who have gone to sea and respect it's resounding echoes. The Sea Gong does not have a top chain on it, but a very heavy "S" hook. Due to the weight and size of the bell, we recommend hanging it from a very substantial tree limb, such as an oak or maple tree. Another option is suspending the bell from a post and beam set up.

Our largest bell to date in three deep tones. Measures 32" in pyramid. A very distinctive gong for any special domain by land, lake, river, or ocean.

Height: 32 inches Weight: 32+ Pounds Tones: Three Color: Semi-Flat Black Sea Gong Bell comes with Black Triangle Wind Catcher

Click on photo above to hear Wind Bell sound.