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For over 40 years, we have understood that the single most important influence on an animal's health is nutrition. When you choose a ZuPreem® product, you know you are getting the best from the world's expert in nutrition for exotic pets and animals in zoos.

The history of ZuPreem® started with an idea - an idea whose time had come and an idea that would change the way we look at the role of nutrition in the lives of all animals. The idea was revolutionary and at the same time very simple. It is an idea that has been passed down through three generations from its original founder to its current owner.

Generations of commitment to animal science

This idea was founded in veterinary medicine in 1928 when Mark L. Morris, DVM, founded the Raritan Animal Hospital, the second small animal hospital in the United States. Dr. Morris discovered that sick dogs and cats could be treated by changing their diets - changes that sometimes eliminated and sometimes added an element to their diets, depending on the condition or disease.

Prescription Diet®

At the Raritan Animal Hospital, Dr. Morris formulated the beginning of the Prescription Diet® line of products for sick dogs and cats. These products included diets for kidney disease, heart disease and intestinal problems. Then, Dr. Morris passed his commitment to bettering the lives of animals through proper nutrition to his son, Mark L. Morris Jr. DVM, PhD.

Science Diet®

Mark Morris Jr. continued his father's work by expanding the Hill's Prescription Diet® line of products to include reducing diets, diets to treat urinary tract diseases and later in formulating Science Diet® products for the prevention of nutrition-related diseases in healthy dogs and cats. Science Diet brand of nutrition for canines and felines has become the standard in quality nutritional products and is distributed internationally through pet retail stores and veterinary hospitals. Prescription Diet products are sold exclusively through veterinary services worldwide.

ZuPreem® Exotic Animal Diets - Exceptional Diets for Extraordinary Animals

Just as the original Prescription Diets came out of a need for better nutrition for dogs and cats, so did the ZuPreem line of products come out of a need for better nutrition for zoo animals. A phone call to Mark Morris Jr. from a local zoo director spurred him to research the nutritional needs of many animals including primates, bears, reptiles, and exotic felines.

Together with other scientists, Mark Morris Jr. discovered that specific zoo animals needed specific diets - what worked for bears, didn't work for other omnivores; what worked for domestic cats didn't work for exotic zoo cats. From this discovery, came the beginnings of the ZuPreem line of products for animals in captivity that today includes diets for companion birds, ferrets and small animals.

ZuPreem Today

The Morris family's commitment to improving the lives of animals through nutrition has passed to the third generation. David Morris, son of Mark Morris Jr., now leads ZuPreem. Through vision and innovation, the company has expanded the original family of ZuPreem products to include a complete line of life-stage diets for companion birds and adult maintenance diets for ferrets and small animals. ZuPreem still manufactures trusted zoological diets for birds, exotic felines, omnivores, primates and reptiles.

ZuPreem has the same commitment today that it had more than 40 years ago. The same commitment to the welfare of all animals in our worldwide community, the same commitment to state-of-the-arts nutrition research and the same commitment to the highest quality standards of manufacturing and quality control. It's a commitment that has turned into a promise for pet owners and zoological professionals.

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