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Wolff Industries

Wolff Industries is the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial scissors sharpeners. Specializing in stainless steel shears with edges sharper than can be obtained elsewhere. Brands include: Wolff®, Twice As Sharp®, Ergonomix®, OOKAMI®, OOKAMI Gold®, Kai®, Mundial®, HomeStar®, Dritz® and other leading brands.


Inventor of the Twice as Sharp® In 1957 Lee Wolff started a sewing machine sales and service business. Fabrics and a complete line of sewing needs were added in 1963, and the number of employees grew to 25 to handle the volume. During those years, Lee did a great deal of scissors sharpening and repair and made important modifications on the available scissors sharpening equipment.

In 1971 Lee and Mary Wolff became the first major importer and distributor of plastic handled scissors in the United States. They started to manufacture sewing scissors in 1973 under the trade name of KNIP. A U.S. patent was granted on the KNIP.

The scissors factory was sold to American Scissors Corp. in 1980 and moved to the south. Lee set up the factory and innovated many new manufacturing processes. The July 1983 Consumers Reports rates the American Scissors designed and produced by Lee Wolff as a best buy. He also designed a full line of unique plastic handled scissors with interchangeable parts.

Lee worked on the perfecting of scissors sharpening equipment for many years. It is necessary to accurately control the cutting angles, reduce burr formation during sharpening, and do deburring and micro-sharpening as a final process. This method produces scissors that are normally twice as sharp, therefore the name Twice as Sharp® scissors sharpener. A United States patent has been granted as well as several foreign patents.

Lee passed away in November of 1996 and his son David Wolff became president of Wolff Industries, Inc.

TWICE AS SHARP®, WOLFF®, OOKAMI GOLD® and ERGONOMIX® are registered trade marks of WOLFF INDUSTRIES, INC. Any uses are forbidden without written permission.