Spec.-Ops.® Brand creates American Made combat-grade, rock solid tactical nylon products for organizing weapons and gear that improve performance in the field. The company is innovative and committed to creating smart solutions for the everyday equipment needs of the military, law enforcement, homeland security and other demanding applications.

Spec.-Ops.® Brand was started in 2000 when two former CamelBak Products employees, Jeff Wemmer and Bryan Heflin, recognized a significant market opportunity. By training, servicemen and women are highly organized. But Wemmer and Heflin knew that no quality gear existed to help them. As a result, they spent valuable hours packing and repacking equipment needed to do their critical jobs. There was a lot of expensive, specialty gear, but no one was developing products for soldiers to manage and organize their gear.

A new category: gear management and organization

The Spec.-Ops.® Brand team set out to develop products that would minimize the thought the soldier had to put into the organization of gear so that the focus could be on the real task at hand. In the process of creating their products, they pioneered a new category — gear management and organization. Wemmer calls it “a force multiplier.” —“We help troops minimize clutter and redundant effort to maximize task efficiency.”

Spec.-Ops.® Brand’s rapid fire design process gets new products into the field fast. Simple products can be in production in as little as five weeks. And the design and development process is hands-on. Everyone in the company talks to troops in the field. Wemmer tests much of the gear himself during the design process in his role as a competitive shooter, achieving #2 overall in the M16 carbine military rifle segment at the 2004 International Tactical Rifleman’s Championships.

Spec.-Ops.® Brand enjoys a good relationship with AAFES (Army and Air Force Exchange Service). The relationship is based, in part, on the company’s responsiveness. A request from a soldier immediately becomes a prototype shown to AAFES for feedback. The result: commercially viable products based on soldier needs.

Spec.-Ops.® Brand products are 100% Made in America and available at military outfitters and post exchanges (PXs), as well as by phone or Web order. “I believe we’re making a meaningful contribution by pushing the technological boundaries of high performance gear – making it lighter, simpler, more efficient. Our goal is to develop advanced gear that truly maximizes the efficiency of troops on the ground,” Wemmer says. “That way, both we and they will be in a position to win.”