Shivers: Lightweight long Underwear Made in USA! For work or play!

Shivers, made by Shiverswear Inc. are bottoms only. Mary Penn, President of Shiverswear Inc, says “We take pride in keeping your bottom half warm.” Shivers come in several sizes for men, women and children. Shivers are extremely affordable.

For years the only tried and true way to stay warm in the cold weather was to wrap yourself up in a layer of clothing to the point of being unable to get change from your pockets and then dealing with the mountain of garments once you got indoors. Now thanks to the innovative mind and entrepreneurial spirit of one company – there are Shivers

Shivers are made in a textile mill in Asheboro, North Carolina. All of the material used to make Shivers comes from the United States.

SHIVERS – Stay warm! Don’t sweat!