American Made Worklights & LED Lights - Saf-T-Lite

Saf-T-Lite® products are designed and built tough for the professional user. Saf-T-Lite® fluorescent lights come with soft end caps, steel hooks, and tough polycarbonate outer tubes to last the long haul. The Saf-T-Lite® design concept is to build a cool operating light and protect all the electrical components inside a closed chamber.

Established in 1962 General Mfg., Inc. was the first company to offer portable fluorescent lighting to the automotive aftermarket. At the time, the company operated out of a small shop in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The light design of a cool operating fluorescent lamp and all electrical components inside the light fixture protected by a hard outer tube and soft end caps necessitated a brand name that indicated the newfound safety. The Saf-T-Lite® brand name quickly became recognized for its leadership in safety and durability.

After great initial success, the owners felt the company was getting too big and decided to sell. The company was then sold and changed hands several times until 1986 when the current owners purchased General Mfg. and all of its assets. At the time of purchase, the company had 1 employee and two light offerings; a 15-watt fluorescent light and an incandescent trouble light.

Today, General Mfg. has three facilities in Bluffton, Indiana, two for manufacturing and one for warehousing of raw materials. The product line has grown from a single fluorescent work light to hundreds of lighting, leak detection, and power supply products. Markets currently being served include Automotive Aftermarket, Industrial, Heating, Plumbing & HVAC, Hardware, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Government, Military, and numerous Specialty markets.

As part of General Mfg?s growth, a line of leak detection lights was developed in 1994. In 2004 The GloZone? brand name was created and the leak detection line included its first LED leak detection light. Today, the GloZone? brand includes fluorescent and LED leak detection lights, a full line of dyes, injectors, and kits, General Mfg. has a complete offering for the leak detection market.

With low-cost light imports from China on the horizon, in 1995 General Mfg. developed and added the Competitive Edge Products? brand to its offering. Competitive Edge Products? brand includes a US made, inexpensive fluorescent light designed to compete with the imports. In addition, General Mfg. developed strategic partnerships with Chinese Manufacturers to round out the Competitive Edge Products? line.

As the recognized leader in innovative product design and development, General Mfg. will always keep in mind its commitment to safe, quality lighting. You can count on General Manufacturing; we?ll be there for you!