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Roof Razor

Roof Razor American Made Roof Rakes!

The MinnSNOWta ROOF RAZOR® Roof Rake is an industrial quality tool designed for removing snow from roofs. This helps prevent ice dams and snow loading, both of which can damage your house and property drastically. Remove the snow to prevent ice dams with the Roof Razor®

The Quickest and Safest Way Possible to Remove Snow From A Roof!

The double cutting surfaces of the MinnSNOWta Roof Razor® Roof Rake head allow the Roof Razor® to remove snow by undercutting deep or drifted snow. The snow eventually collapses by its own weight onto the poly chute and slides off the roof. Poly wheels keep the Roof Razor® above the surface preventing damage to frozen shingles. No other snow rake is faster. No other snow rake is easier.

A standard roof rake removes snow by scraping across the roof. As you can see, this can damage the roof's shingles. The MinnSNOWta Roof Razor® Roof Rake uses wheels which roll on the shingles, preventing damage to your roof.

The Perfect Home Snow Rake or Commercial

The MinnSNOWta Roof Razor® Roof Rake doesn't rely on brute strength. A simple push is all that is needed to clean snow off your roof. The Roof Razor® Roof Rake makes it simple to eliminate ice build up and prevent damaging ice dams.

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