OG Industries has a total commitment to satisfying its customers by supplying quality products and services that meet market requirements, while continually striving to improve the effectiveness and performance of its management system. We supply quality products and services through teamwork with its customers, employees, and vendors. We strive for an economically stable environment through the contributions and dedication of each employee.

Quality objectives:

OG Industries utilizes the ISO 9001 program as an important tool in the effort to continually improve the quality and performance of our products and processes to accomplish the following objectives.

1- Maintain our position as market leader in the protective footwear industry through the manufacture and supply of quality products.

2-Expand our market share throughout North America through product innovation and market differentiation.

3- Implement programs to realize continual improvement in all segments of our business and quality management system through teamwork among our customers, employees, and vendors.

OG Industries is dedicated to creating a work environment where employees are dedicated to the satisfaction of its customers and continuous improvement of the company.