No-mes Nail Clippers Made in America!

It all started in 1991 when I was clipping my nails in my fiance's Bathroom.

I noticed that the nail clippings were fling out the sides of the nail clipper, and all over the floor, and realized that if the sides of the nail clipper were covered, the nail clippings would stay inside. So I put tape on the sides of the nail clipper to test my theory. It worked, and I said to myself why have nail clippers been made for the past 100 years with this obvious defect?

I now had a mission, to come up with a new design for an American Made nail clipper, and it had to met the following criteria:

1) It must hold the clippings inside
2) It must empty out easily and completely
3) It must Fold up as easy or easier than a traditional nail clipper.
4) It must be easy to use, and feel comfortable to hold in your hand while clipping nails.
5) It must be of the highest quality materials and should last forever.

Now that I outlined my goal, I then started to make prototypes, and test different approaches and ideas. After 3 years of making numerous prototypes and design changes, and thanks to the undying encouragement of my family, I finally had a nail clipper design that could be mass produced and meet all of my criteria with fling colors. We then applied for a patent, and was awarded one in an unusually brief period of time. Now the trouble was how to sell it! My expertise was in design/engineering, and have very little knowledge of marketing. An associate offered to help me sell this new product, and I accepted his offer with open arms. He then showed the item to QVC marketing people and they loved it! They put it on their program and our product sold out within minutes. We then put the No-mes Nail Clipper for sale on the internet. And there you have it. Thank you for your interest in the No-mes history!

Paul Cacciotti
Industrial Tool & Die Co.