The Extra Wide Sock Company is a family owned business and our company name says it all – we’re all about extra wide socks. We’ve run businesses focused on meeting the needs of big and tall people for over 30 years including owning and operating a Big and Tall Men’s clothing store.

Our retail experience means that we get to talk to customers every day…we’ve heard it all from customers. But one of the most frequent and legitimate concerns from our customers was the need for a wider sock, a sock that catered not only to wide feet, but to wide ankles and calves as well. Several customers came in with examples of home-made wide socks; one of the better ideas included a V shape that went up the ankle, allowing the sock to expand as the sock went higher up the person’s leg.

We realized that there was a significant demand for wider socks whether it was for medical reasons or simply because people wanted a more comfortable, higher quality sock made from the best that Mother Nature can offer. To try to meet this demand, we asked several leading sock suppliers if they would produce an extra wide sock for us. None of these manufacturers was interested but we were convinced that there was a market need so we took it upon ourselves to design, manufacture, and sell a new type of extra wide sock.

And thus the Extra Wide Sock Company was founded. We have designed a comfortable, affordable and durable extra wide sock for people who have needs that a regular sock cannot fulfill. Our socks are wide in the foot, ankle, and calf region for a better fit, while still maintaining its day one shape.

We are a family owned business that prides itself on building relationships with customers and doing all that we can to meet their needs