The Facts


Never again be blinded by iced-up, frozen windshield wiper blades! “Go in the snow” with greater safety, comfort, and peace of mind! Consistent, reliable, ice-free windshield wiper blade performance! Convenient! Flip a switch to keep your windshield wiper blades de-iced! Backed up by a no-hassle, 12 month guarantee! Made in the USA! Everblades® work with the existing vehicle defroster system to give a driver clearer vision for safe driving in adverse weather conditions year ’round.

Everblades® refills are available for the 36 (21″ and 22″ only) and 56 series product. Refills are installed much the same as any other windshield wiper blade. (Customers typically replace the entire blade assembly, which is only an extra $5 per blade and saves them a bunch of time when replaceing them.) Replacement blade assemblies are also available for the 66 series.

* They’re at their best when it’s snowing the hardest.
* They’ll help you “see to go” when others can’t “see to stop”.
* They’re a “shield of heat”, protecting against windshield wiper blade icing.
* They’re a better way to see your equipment safely through winter storms.
* They are Everblades® Heated Windshield Wiper Blades! – “The Hot Ones”

Everblades® are the first successfully proven, heated windshield wiper blades. Everblades® electrically heat the blade to prevent ice and snow build-up. The specially developed, extremely durable, silicone rubber blade compound wipes windshields exceptionally clean both winter and summer.

Everblades® have been “trucker-tested” and proven in Sierra Nevada snowstorms, Great Plains blizzards, and in the nation’s Midwest where as much as 200-300″ of snow falls annually. Calibrated heating elements are sealed inside Everblades®. Heat from the element radiates through the rubber blade keeping the wiper free of ice. Everblades® are manufactured to reach a temperature above 200º F in the shop. Everblades® maintain temperatures warm enough to prevent ice from accumulating on the blades, even at -40º!

Everblades® are controlled by an lighted toggle, dash mounted switch, which is supplied with the installation kit. Typical installation takes about a half hour and requires only simple tools. Everblades® need not be removed during warm weather. The same properties that enable them to withstand the temperatures generated by the heating element provide superior wiping performance all year long with or without heat. Everblades® are available for almost every arm style including bayonet, saddle mount, side pin, and hook.

Everblades® work on both flat and curved windshields for most vehicles including heavy-duty trucks, semis, buses, cars and vans. Proven effective storm after storm since 1986, Everblades® Heated Windshield Wiper Blades deliver just what you’ve always needed – consistent reliable totally ice-free windshield wiper blade operation.

“The Hot Ones” eliminate drivers’ worry, frustration and stress caused by wiper blade icing. Stop playing “wiper-tag” – trying to catch the wiper in motion to snap and clean it off. See clearly with Everblades® instead of peeking through narrow, watery bands of glass left by iced-up wiper blades