Detecto Scale Company was started in 1900 in New York City by three immigrant brothers (The Jacobs Brothers) in the butcher supply business. The company produced bakers' dough scales, butchers' scales, clinical scales, counter scales and hanging scales.

In 1981 the company was acquired by Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Company based in Webb City, Missouri where it's corporate offices and manufacturing facilities are still located today. Cardinal was a well-known name in the heavy-duty truck scale and floor scale market, so the acquisition was a good fit to give the company a complete line-up of scales across a broad spectrum of markets.

Cardinal/Detecto is still at home in the small community of Webb City, Missouri, a city nestled on the edge of the Ozark mountains, with a population of just under 10,000. All around are wide, open prairies, hills and woods. Cardinal/Detecto employees like it that way and are committed to keeping it that way. Cardinal/Detecto's mission statement promises that they will adhere to sound environmental practices. They do that and then some. Cardinal/Detecto's goal is to always be a step ahead in observing sound environmental rules.

From The Beginning... Exceptional Value

The evolution of what is today Cardinal/Detecto, involves the pulling together of a century's worth of ideas, products and people.

Cardinal/Detecto, with home offices in the heart of America, officially began in 1950. Founder William H. Perry of Webb City, Missouri, an experienced scale industry man, started the new company as a result of customer need for a line of special-capacity scales.

This need arose out of America's construction-era boom. In the development of the nation's highways, bridges and other structures, builder demand was at an all-time high for appropriate, new weighing systems. All concrete, stone and aspalt were batched and sold by weight; manufacture of the right weighing equipment called for someone with the right experience, resources and ability to respond. That individual was William H. Perry.

At the time, Perry was employed by the Webb Corporation, a Webb City manufacturer and distributor of heavy-duty industrial scales and mining machinery. He was authorized to start his own company for the production of the new, lighter capacity scales, which would then be marketed through Webb.

The new scale line proved to be so successful that Perry had to resign from Webb in 1956 and devote his full attention to his new and rapidly growing company. And so, Cardinal Scale was born. Cardinal's ability to respond to the specialized weighing needs of many other industries has enabled the company to expand its product line extensively over the years.

In every phase of the Cardinal/Detecto operation, people utilize their latest statistical control techniques to monitor and improve their performance, assuring customers the finest end result... a top-quality product.