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Since 1980 the D'Accord label has been associated with exclusive casual Shirts in a myriad of design fabrics. D'Accord has an extensive line of casual Shirts. Our world-renowned shirts are tailored in luxurious linen or the finest pima cotton. The fit on each of our guayaberas shirts is exceptional fabric quality. With the exception of the guayaberas, all our clothing, is designed and manufactured within the United States of America.

Under our Abracci clothing design label, D'Accord manufactures our Italian inspired 100% linen shirts and Guayaberas shirts in a wide assortment of colors and sizes. Paladin Clothing line is our newest guayaberas clothing line since 2004. D'Accord guayaberas shirts are available in a manliness, rugged individualism design for casual contemporary guayaberas shirts designs. Our guayaberas shirt styles are created through innovation based upon customer feedback and consumer demand. When you deal with D'Accord you will be assured of receiving prompt, courteous and knowledgeable customer service, timely deliveries and flexible terms to acquire your guayaberas shirts collection.

Dear Customer and Friend:

Rafael Contreras Soldevilla, the founder of DAccord, passed away April 7, 2006. He was born December 8, 1914 in Madrid, Spain. He was the third of six children. When he was four years old his father died and my grandmother lacking all the entitlements that people take for granted today, had to send my father to a school for orphan children.

A few years later, his grandfather who had settled in Havana, told my grandmother to migrate with the children to Cuba for better opportunities. So at 13 years of age my father began his schooling in the world of business, to help support the family. His first job was in a hat shop, shaping the hats that priests wore. Later he worked in retail stores. As an enterprising young man of 16, he began his own business by buying and selling suits on the streets of Havana. At the tender age of 21 he founded Cancha, that became one of the most exclusive men�s stores in Cuba. During the 1930's, 40's, 50's Cancha was visited by international dignitaries, sports figures and artists.

In 1959 the scourge of communism brought in by Castro seized Cancha and the entire island of Cuba. Being forced to leave everything behind, we exiled to the land of freedom, America, to begin our new lives in 1960. In 1964 my father founded what became one of the finest mens wear manufacturing companies, DGala. In 1980 he started DAccord, keeping the tradition of making fine men's apparel that current and past presidents wear. In his memory we will strive to continue to provide the finest mens wear. He shall be greatly missed.


Rafael Contrersas, Jr., President