POH Toothbrushes - American Made Toothbrushes

What is different about POH?

Our American made toothbrush bristles are very thin with carefully polished tips. This makes the bristles very soft and gentle, compared to other toothbrushes. Our toothbrush handles are also very different. If a toothbrush handle is huge, then too much leverage is too easily applied, and a bulky handle prevents the delicate manipulation required by Dr. Bass’ method of personal oral hygiene.

Our floss is very different, too. Its many thin strands of nylon enable our floss to disrupt and disorganize the germs, which is the key to preventing tooth decay and gum disease. It won't just slide over the bacterial plaque. The very different, very thin, multiple strands of tiny nylon slip easily between the closest teeth, and is able to get just under the gumline without pushing it further down.

POH Toothbrushes are Made in USA and are guided by science and confirmed with over fifty years of clinical experience in preventive dental offices.

American Made in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA