Hot Leathers

Hot Leathers - American Made Leather Jackets and more!

Born of the 70s, raised on the state fair circuit, Hot Leathers started out as not much more than a road crew, setting up our wares all over the country. It was the vision of owner, Jerry Berkowitz, to evolve his helium balloon business into something more personal to him. Jerry had always been drawn to motorcycles, starting with his 69 Honda 175 that he rode in high school. Later, Jerry and his friends would swap rides for the weekend. That is when he rode his first raked and stretched chopper, and fell in love with the american v-twin culture.

So, Jerry set out to cater his business toward the wants of his friends, and people like his friends, and himself. And now, he is doing it with his friends, a large and loyal bunch of career long workers at the core, who have been with Jerry from the start of the journey. Beyond that, there?s more than 100 in all, who have joined Hot Leathers in our effort to bring the best motorcycle apparel to our customers at an honest price.

Together, we've built a complex business that includes an extensive online store, and four brick-and-mortar locations. We take our five 18-wheelers criss-crossing the country, hitting 30 motorcycle rallies every year. And, at home, we boast a booming wholesale business that serves dealers on six continents.

We have the throttle wide open, and we're enjoying the hell out of this ride.

Thanks for the gas.