Our Story

My name is Bob Warner and I invented KneeGard pants. I have been in the flooring business since 1974 and the one problem that needed to be addressed was how to protect my knees and the guys that worked with me. I wore knee pads but they cut off the circulation to my knees and caused my knees to swell. It was to the point where I was going to have to start getting the fluid drained from my knees. I knew there had to be a better choice which is why I started KneeGard WorkWear work pants with built-in knee pads.

The first patent was for a single pocket on the outside which worked for only a small percentage of the people because the pocket did not land on the wearers knees. So we went back to the design table and created a product that would not only work for everyone but also looked better. There are three pockets on the inside of the each pant leg. The pockets allow the wearer to find the best placement and work all day on their knees in as much comfort as possible. So please try our products and if you have the time, give us your valuable opinion.

Why is KneeGard right for you?

KneeGard is the only kneepadded pant that offers 3 micro-level adjustments for the best fit in the industry. Our pants are designed to provide you the maximum level of comfort and adjustability without compromising quality or safety.

MADE IN THE USA - support our local workers

All of our products are made in the U.S.A. period. We support Americans and by buying KneeGard products you support Americans also. American made products are tougher, last longer and are of a better build quality which means that you get more for your dollar.


Our patented KneeGard system is designed to help you eliminate knee pain once and for all. By incorporating the knee pad into the interior of the pants (with micro-level adjustments) we are able to eliminate the pinching and discomfort from traditional straps. Our patented KneeGard system ensures that you are getting the proper kneepad fit everytime you kneel. Being in the right place at the right time means that your knee is protected everytime. No straps, no annoying elastic and no sweat.


Our KneeGard system puts comfort at the top of the list! Since we don't use straps or elastic, your knees enjoy the freedom to move around inside our pants. Combine that with top-notch fabrics and you have one of the most comfortable pants on the planet.


"Perfect pant for anyone having to work on their knees!" Ed Solomon (Commercial Specialist)

"Your shirts are comfortable and I like the jean material!" Randy Luden (Builder)

"Your pants fit so well and feel so good that I want to wear them everywhere. Plus they look great. The kneepad falls into place everytime." Steve Wilmes (Risk Control and Safety Expert)