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The Great Recession, 2009... born in a hunting camp on the banks of the Big Salmon River.

It might be hard to believe that a little rain on a fly fishing trip would create an outdoor company. But in the spring of 2009 that was just the case. Having forgot his rain coat at an airport and forced to purchase one from a field guide stationed at a hunt camp on the Big Salmon river in the Yukon Territory, one of our founders soon learned that his expensive new garment wasn't up for the squalls that can turn up during Spring time on the Big Salmon River. Wet and cold, thoughts began to flood the empty mind of our Operations Manager...'It costs enough getting to these outdoor locations, why should my gear hit me in the wallet as well?" Heavy rain can make for a lot of free time back at the lodge, but soon product ideas were born around the fire pit.

Rain gear that holds up yet won't break the bank? Check. Sleeping bags that are warm yet light enough to stow in your trail bag? Check. ATV gear that won't tear when you gotta haul big game back to your lodge? Check. Hiking poles that are ultra-light yet won't take up valuable space in your bag? Check. By the end of that cold rainy week, Yukon Outfitters was born.

Using a sewing machine bought at a yard sale and a blow torch in the garage our founders began to create their vision of the perfect kind of gear. Soon, hammocks, sleeping bags, big game tarps, tow straps, fire pits, Field Dressing kits and ATV bags came to define Yukon Outfitters. Today, you'll find our gear on duck hunting trips in Louisiana, Hog hunts in South Georgia, coyote eradications in Utah and most importantly the big game hunts and fly fishing in the Yukon Territory. Besieged by friends and family wanting the same gear, our founders started to mass produce their innovations for everyone to enjoy.

So whether your trip takes you 10 miles down the road or to the other side of the planet. Yukon Outfitters will see to it that you're gear won't be the reason your adventure ends early.

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