Most GPS units are applied by a suction cup mount to the windshield. This mounting procedure obstructs your vision, especially at night. Many times, the suction cup and GPS unit will fall off the window. This can be dangerous and distracting while driving. An important factor to remember—the ring of the suction cup on the windshield is an invitation to thieves as they may think that you have stored a GPS in the car. Even if that is not the case, a break-in is inevitable and destructive leading to expensive repairs. This may be covered by insurance but you still have a deductible to pay, typically $500, and the inconvenience to deal with filing a claim and making repairs.

There are mounts sold to place on the top of your dashboard. These don’t always work. There are also mounts sold to place your unit in cup holder. This can be very distracting. Prices for these mounts range from seven to ninety dollars depending on the construction and brand of the unit. Price does not make for a better mount.

The GPS EZ Mountâ„¢ was created out of necessity as we wanted a better mount that would work well, be inexpensive and portable, leave no marks on the windshield, not be a danger or a distraction while driving and conform to DMV laws.

This product enables you to remove the GPS unit from the windshield and place it on the dashboard – the same as factory-installed units. This mount will fit into any CD slot without damage to the CD player and the CD can be played while the mount is reinserted. If desired the mount can be placed in the A/C vents whether horizontal or vertical. The GPS EZ Mount™ removes and stores easily leaving no invitation to thieves.

We now include three suction cups with every order for mounting a GPS-enabled Smartphone.

Our multi-usage product is the easy solution for GPS mounting — GPS EZ Mount™.