American Made Combs

Chicago Comb Co.was established by two longtime friends whose vision was to create a personal styling company that redefines elegance. Tedd is a product executive with a Chicago internet company and John is an attorney. Chicago Comb Co. is the culmination of years of thinking about art, manufacturing, and sustainable production. Thanks for visiting and for being a part of the Chicago Comb story.

Our Principles.

Timeless Design. Chicago combs showcase timeless elements of design which transform the commonplace into the extraordinary. Chicago Comb Co. was founded on the principle that everyday objects should also be enduring works of sculpture and design.

Artisan Manufacturing. It is not simply the designs which are distinctive. The manner and method in which these combs come to life is unique. Alone among comb manufacturers, Chicago Comb Co. employs artisan manufacturing methods which blend the latest technology with traditional hand craftsmanship. Chicago Comb begins life as a solid block of high performance stainless steel. This expensive, high quality material is then stamped and precisely laser-cut until the shape and design of the comb emerges. Each comb is then individually hand-finished for daily use, comfort, and beauty. A great deal of thought and care goes into each of our combs.

Made in USA. This is not the kind of throw-away, disposable product with which we have, unfortunately, become all too familiar. Nor is this a product whose raison d'etre is low-wage production in Third World factories. Chicago Combs are entirely designed and made in the United States using the highest quality materials. Even the packaging used with our combs is made locally.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to create products which will be treasured and admired for decades and across generations. Like a classic wristwatch or fine cufflinks, a Chicago Comb is one of the essential elements of a gentleman's style. Unlike fashion, which is transient, a Chicago Comb reflects the style which endures.

John and Tedd
Co-founders of Chicago Comb Co.