Franklin Instrument Company

American Made Clocks Made by Franklin Instruments

Founded in 1970 by Richard M. Fischer and Harry N. Rohrbach, Franklin Instrument Company was established to provide quality wall clocks to the U.S. Government through the General Services Administration. Larry Fischer, Richard's son, guides Franklin today.

Through the years Franklin has expanded its product line, received national recognition and acquired a significant market share.

In 1977 American Made Franklin Clocks entered the corrective and synchronized clock market utilizing the best European systems available. This line has been upgraded and expanded to include micro-processor controlled programmable master and secondary clocks compatible with most disciplines. The latest design innovation is the "MP Series", a micro-processor based controller. The "MP" is the most flexible time system available.

Recent technology offers both Atomic WWVB Radio receivers and GPS Satellite receivers that can be fully integrated to supervise large master time distribution systems or directly control smaller systems with accurate, traceable time.

Looking to the future, American Made Franklin Clocks is continuing to develop and produce new products. Our goal is to offer world-class instruments for tracking and managing our customers' most valuable resource: TIME.