American Made Tooth Fairy Pillows

Whitepigeon Enterprises is named after Potawatomi Chief Wahbememe, whose name means Whitepigeon in English. In 1830, Chief Wahbememe warned settlers in a village in Southwestern Michigan of an impending attack by other tribes, and thereby saved all the people. In gratitude, the village was renamed Whitepigeon, Michigan in his honor.

Dr. Jessica Rickert, DDS Dr. Jessica Rickert is Chief Wahbememe's fifth generation granddaughter, and is the first female American Indian dentist in the United States. She made Your Tooth Fairy Pillow™ for her oldest grandson on his 5th birthday. He was so thrilled that she decided to form Whitepigeon Enterprises to manufacture Your Tooth Fairy Pillow™ for other children. Other products will follow, so bookmark this site!

Your Tooth Fairy Pillow™ is in keeping with Dr. Rickert's belief in the importance of dental education - she's a published author of a book on dental careers, she writes a regular newspaper column to answer questions about dental health, and she received the American Dental Association's national award for improving access to dental care.
Don't forget to brush your teeth, and see a dentist regularly!

Made In America Your Tooth Fairy Pillow™ adds whimsy and enchantment to the experience of baby teeth falling out. It is entirely fabricated in the USA out of materials sourced in the USA.