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Valley Forge American Made Flags

Founded in 1882, Valley Forge Flag Company, Inc. remains to this day a family-run business. From its beginnings as a burlap-bag business that later sold World War I surplus, including U.S. flags, the company has been guided through five generations.

During the Depression Era, a small sewing factory in Spring City, Pennsylvania was opened to meet the increasing demand for U.S. flags, giving a formal beginning to the Valley Forge Flag brand.

World War II brought an unprecedented demand for U.S. flags. Military and other government contracts soon became the company�s core business and remains a strategically important part of that business today. Over the years, however, as consumer demands have changed, so has Valley Forge Flag�s business. After World War II, sales through commercial flag dealers and mass-market retailers became increasingly important. Today, you can find Valley Forge Flag products in some of America�s most well-known retail outlets, large commercial dealers, and on the internet.

Valley Forge Flag Company continues to grow and flourish; it employs well over 300 people. Headquartered in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, Valley Forge Flag manufactures and distributes its products from state of the art facilities throughout South Carolina.

Valley Forge Flag Company continues its commitment to provide flags exemplifying our country's national honor and spirit, raising its colors to express respect and pride for our American way of life.

Note that due to the COVID-19, only orders of $125 or more will be processed or Valley Forge flags.