We remove the hassle and endless hours of product origin research through our user-friendly online community and marketplace. Our e-commerce site provides an innovative, interactive marketing environment enabling U.S. manufacturers to promote and sell their branded products.

Why American Made?

John Anayannis - Co-Founder of USAB2C.
In the modern business era corporate downsizing, out-sourcing and an increasing dependency on imported goods has gained prominence. Sometimes at the expense of quality, craftsmanship and jobs. Employees who may have dedicated many years to a company are left to face the hurdles that come with this experience and the communities where they live must often share this burden in the form of negative impacts to the economy.

The founders of America’s Business to Consumers have experienced increasing distress witnessing many of their co-workers, family and friends losing their jobs and feel it is imperative to exercise caution and prudence in making the decision to downsize, out-source or rely too heavily on imported goods which can sometimes lead to a compromise in quality and product safety as evidenced by recent recalls on numerous foreign made products.

To help reverse this trend and showcase American made products America’s Business to Consumers has created USAB2C.com. A portal for consumers to find high quality, well crafted and competitively priced American made products and an interactive marketplace for American manufactures to promote and sell their brands. USAB2C.com can help American manufacturers withstand some of the turbulence of a global economy providing easy access to online consumers and digital promotional tools.
What Is USAB2C.com?
We are a modern day marketplace in the tradition of the ancient Greek “Agora”, a digital channel where consumers and American manufacturers can come together to exchange ideas, concerns and needs and conduct business; a crossroads for business and consumers.

USAB2C.com offers a convenient way to buy high-quality products made in America and learn about the companies who make them. Such American products are hidden and unidentified but USAB2C.com makes finding them easy through our e-Commerce site.

We provide consumers the largest online selection of American products and product information in a personalized interactive forum. On USAB2C.com, you can browse our online catalog, order products and services sourced from “USAB2C Certified” American manufacturers through our safe and secure website.

For Manufacturers?
American manufacturers are provided with a near-real-time interface to reach our consumers to showcase their company and brands. At the same time, manufactures will receive feedback on products consumers want. We offer several affiliate programs designed to assist American companies, whether small manufacturers or major distributors. Through USAB2C.com both large and small businesses have a cost-effective, efficient online channel to promote American made products and reach customers in the global internet marketplace.

America’s Business to Consumers is experienced in retail marketing, consumer research and e-Commerce. Contact us about our affiliate programs and/or becoming “USAB2C Certified”.

About the Founders
JOHN J. ANAYANNIS is President and Co-Founder of AMERICA’s BUSINESS TO CONSUMERS Inc. (AB2C) and is also retired from the US Navy. John served tours with Navy Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadrons, Flying carrier based missions in EA-3B SKYWARRIOR and ES-3A SHADOW aircraft to meet critical US defense goals of: "Eternal Vigilance is the price of Liberty". Prior to starting AB2C, John has provided consultation to the DOD in areas of Electronic Warfare development and acquisition.