Tick Key

American Made Tick Removal Device

The Tick Key was invented in Watertown, Connecticut in 2003 after several years of designing & redesigning. Since then, it has been tested over and over again and has proven to be the premier tick removal device on the market.

We are excited to offer you this unique US Patent Pending Design, constructed of sturdy machined anodized aluminum, at all levels of the consumer market. A product that is proudly manufactured in Connecticut (USA).

We, at Tick Key (www.TickKey.com) are committed to bringing you the highest level of customer service and client support.

We are concerned with the health and well-being of our families and pets. We know that you are equally concerned about your family, pets and friends. And, we are quite aware of the many diseases that ticks can cause. We are also in tune with the danger that can come from improper removal of ticks... everything from the long, drawn out problems of trying to entice the tick to leave its host by using methods such as petroleum jelly, heat, etc. causing the tick to expel toxins into its host to the fear of using tweezers and not removing the tick's head.

Whether you are looking to purchase the tick key to add to your inventory or for your personal use, you can be sure that we will stand by our commitment to you -- the highest level of customer service with the premier tick removal device on the market.