Table boards by Spinella


The beginning.....

One Saturday morning after a gathering of family and friends the night before, Liz came to me with a task. As with all hosts, she loves having guests over and serving fun and delicious food. Not being able to join everyone at the table because she is in the kitchen preparing and serving, she asked me to create something that would allow her to serve our guests two pizzas at the table at the same time. She wanted to be able to have hot pizzas, garlic bread, soups, hot pans, hot pots or whatever was cooking up at the time to come right out of the oven or right from the stovetop straight to the table so they could cool a bit then be cut and served right in front of our guests. She would then be free to join the discussions and laughs with everyone at the table.

Traditionally this is accomplished in most households when serving several hot dishes by having some kind of tray or serving trays, different sizes and shapes of hot pads, trivets, hot plates, cutting boards and butcher blocks for hot dishes and pans that are usually placed clumsily about the table. Cutting of bread, pizza etc. would be done at the counter and then brought to the table.

Later that Saturday morning the Tableboard was born. On the following Friday night we had a small group of friends over to give the Tableboard a try. The response was wonderful! Our first friends to arrive were Rick and Pam. Pam is a incredible cook who gains immense joy from people enjoying her food. When she walked into the kitchen and saw the Tableboard sitting on the table she got it right away. Her first reaction was of pure, innocent delight. Then she exclaimed, " Is this for me?!" She was so excited about its potential from serving complete meals to creating a stunning centerpiece when not in use. And as any good friend would, I sent the Tableboard home with her that night.

The Tableboard combines elegance with functionality and is handmade in the USA by the Amish from the best hardwoods from Iowa. Its crafted durability will surely become a family heirloom.

When thinking about a wedding registry or bridal registry, or giving a wedding gift or bridal gift, or giving a beautiful gift for any occasion, the Tableboards are a welcomed addition to any home.

We know you will enjoy the Tableboard with your family and friends as much as we do.

Eat well and have fun!

Ed Spinella