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We offer Safe and Chemical/lead free Made in USA Products

Over the years, as imports have steadily increased, so have the toxicity of products ranging from lead laden toys, lethal chemical agents in clothes, toothpaste products and now even some milk products are found with the deadly melamine. Here at America's Business to Consumers, we feel that it is our responsibility to provide consumers with safe, high quality products. As such, we make it a point to only offer those products that are made in America, including lead-free American made toys and toxic-free American Made Clothes. See "Product Recalls" (under the NEWS tab) for current product issues.

USAB2C offers a catalog of Certified American manufacturer products to browse through.

Aside from offering numerous American products online, this platform encourages the consumer to support American Craftsmanship!

We ask that you search out and find US suppliers and work to purchase materials from American companies and in turn support the USA.