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American Made Interactive Beach Stamps play in beach sand or Sandbox!

Made in the U.S.A., Beach STAMPS are cleverly designed, square-shaped impression stamps in a variety of creative designs that can be strapped to hands or feet for endless fun at the beach. Targeting children ages 4-10 years old, Beach STAMPS allow kids to stamp pictures, create patterns, play interactively and design their own unique scenes on the largest canvas in the world – a shoreline’s beach – as well as their favorite play area sandbox.

“It’s estimated that one billion people go to the beach annually,” says Gary Fallowes, Founder and CEO of Red Rooster Toy Company, and NewMetro Design. “We’re tapping into a huge cultural pastime with a unique toy that’s extremely appealing to our target age group. The benefits of Beach STAMPS to both kids and their parents are truly multi-fold, and we’re thrilled to offer the toy industry a breakthrough line that is meticulously designed, with attractive packaging and accessible pricing.”

Beach STAMPS launches with seven theme packs featuring 6-8 stamps in a rainbow of bright colors. The seven themes include: Fantasy, Cowboy, Space, Interactive, Animals, and Fun Shapes.

Beach STAMPS utilize the principal of “negative line art” to allow children to easily create precise images on moist sand with full mastery and satisfaction. Highly rewarding to young children, each sturdily designed stamp attaches quickly and comfortably to hands or feet using latex-free, UV-resistant EPDM rubber bands that are included in each pack. For added creativity and design exploration drawing thin or thick lines, a safe, double beveled wooden sand stylus comes with each pack. All products are made in the U.S.A.

Durable, non-toxic, comfortable, and easy to clean, Beach STAMPS encourage young minds to explore their “inner Picasso” with toys that are lightweight, easily transportable in beach bags, economical, and highly collectible. Interactive games like Tic-Tac-Toe and Rock/Paper/Scissors keep kids busy for hours.

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