Code: alpha_mut_trailer_tesster_made_in_usa_5700
Price: $4,295.95
Compare At: $4,495.95

The Alpha MUTT is guaranteed to drastically improve inspection accuracy, shop performance, safety and all aspects of lighting, air brake, ABS inspections and repair. IPA's proprietary technology reduces guesswork and simplifies trailer inspections, resulting in an average savings of 30 minutes per inspection. A Return of Investment (ROI) of 6X can be expected in the first year for fleets performing multiple inspections a day.

Several models are available with expandable capabilities including ABS testing, air pressure sensors, cloud uploading and the option to instantly link all trailer inspections fleet wide for inspection-failure-cause analytics. The added convenience of a tablet provides inspection reports which eliminate the burden of time consuming paperwork. Made proudly in the USA, each Alpha MUTT features a rugged design that answers the call of fleets looking to enhance the speed and accuracy of trailer pm inspections.

Includes Deluxe Tablet, 12-Button Remote, 3-Button Remote, 12 ft. 7-Way Cable, Chassis Ground Cable, External Battery Connector, 12 ft. Gladhands with Extended Handles, Rain Cover. American Made in USA!